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it is equally important that each of our patients

Delightful to Medihelp, the first private headache and migraine middle in Serbia. Our quest is that each individual, regardless old or health, is like he's been cautiously mozdani udar analyzed, and completely knowledgeable of every thing in detail. Also, it is similarly essential that each of our people, with your support, gain confidence and the capacity to manage their headaches and ergo increase the caliber of their lives.

A sizable amount of individuals coming to the center for complications come in critical issue, frequently after they have undergone numerous EMNG remedies, with the complications that are no further ready to manage, which are regular, or each and every day, and that is the reason why they have significant family, social and perform issues, and often aren't understood enough by their surroundings. We all know what this signifies, and we trust every term of our patients. In an agreeable and primary medical experience of you, we spend sufficient time devoted to your condition in a friendly environment of our center, wherever we've made a small brow which we contact "MediHelp Middle for headaches and migraines."

Over 300 several types of headaches, big amount of dizziness factors along with cerebral circulation problems, are at the mercy of thorough examination, analysis and treatment used by doctors in this office. The aim of the multidisciplinary staff of medical practioners would be to rapidly detect and differentiate probably critical factors behind these conditions, along with the applying of contemporary therapy techniques in treating them.

Our middle offer numerous therapies for vrtoglavica, migrena, glavobolja, mozdani udar, kolor dopler krvnih sudova, depresija, EEG, EMNG, nesvestica, vrtoglavica i mucnina.

Examinations are done by eminent medical practioners of various specialties, experts in the field of headache, disturbances of cerebral circulation, and dizziness (neurology, neurootology-ORL, ophthalmology, cardiology, general surgery, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, immunology, bodily therapy, psychiatry), but in addition all the branches of medicine.

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