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The very best Wedding Arrangements in Vogue

We love flowers over only at People from france Wedding Style, from the office, to the kitchen as well as when it comes to flower design at weddings! Today FWS Supplier Natasha from Azur Bouquets, a bespoke florist working from Monaco to E Tropez in the Southwest of France, shares her Top 10 Bridal Arrangement Trends for 2016.

Blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries are unexpected wow elements in you're Bridal Bouquet. These types of unripe berries are in shades of green, green, and purple, a great enhance Autumn/Winter colours; and don't worry about these little beauties ruining your lovely gown, your florist will use unripe fruits that will avoid any staining. Along with cherries, herbs are great to use in your wedding bouquets. With so many to choose from, you will find a fragrance that best suits you. From rosemary to lavender these wonderfully fragrant herbs can be used in arrangements throughout your wedding evoking ever sustained memories http://www.palacykotrebusy.pl/sala-weselna-warszawa.

For a lttle bit of unexpected glam in your bridal bouquet, really want to choose feathers? This affordable luxury has lots of types to choose from; for a splash of coloring in your bouquet, peacock feathers are a perfect accompaniment. Are you a boho bride then really want to add a few pheasant feathers? These stunning down come in a variety of sizes and are an easy way to elongate your bridal bouquet (we'll talk more about cascading later! )

Sterling silver and gold has recently been a favourite for marriages for so many years but there is a new metallic taking limelight for 2016, copper! This kind of warm metallic is well suited for weddings whatever the growing season, so how about incorporating complimentary colours to your bridal bouquet? Pertaining to spring/summer weddings, white temporary flowers, with a variety of green foliage is the perfect combination. Receiving married in Autumn/Winter then why not try profound pink, oxblood red and blush are a great accompaniment to this trendy metallic.

Considering making the most out of the beautiful weather in Portugal with an outdoor wedding? Large and loose arrangements will be the perfect way to accept the garden to your bouquet. These carefully established, overflowing bouquets, channel the look of just selected wild flowers.

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